Live Arico Support

Many of you know that that we are animal lovers, we have two cats, a dog, two terrapins and a hamster living with us (as well as the Roach Family – but they should be going soon!).

We are lucky in that our landlord allows us to have this ‘zoo’ in our home – but what if you are an animal lover and you cannot have an animal where you live, or are just to busy trying to earn a living that you cannot give an animal the time it would need?

Sponsor a Live Arico Dog now!Well, Live Arico now have a solution for you!

For as little as 6 Euro a month you can sponsor one of the dogs at their centre and its so easy to set up using PayPal to make the regular payments.

Many of the dogs being cared for by Live Arico will be unable to be homed, possibly because of age, illness, breed or temperament however as they do not believe in euthanasia they will stay with Live Arico for the rest of their natural life.

Your sponsorship contribution will help towards the money necessary to feed, inoculate and generally look after your chosen dog, reducing the huge strain on Live Arico’s budget.

If you need any more information, please contact Live Arico directly, or if you are ready to commit now why not head straight over to the Sponsor a Dog page on their website?

Thanks for reading this, I hope you, or someone you know, can help this very worthwhile cause.

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