Decades Dinner Show

I really can’t believe how much time has passed since we enjoyed that fabulous evening of entertainment at the Decades Dinner Show at Vivo and Treasure Island in Playa de Las Americas.

(OK, I admit it, returning to work and facing the huge backlog of things to do after that extended time away has been a big factor in ‘time flying’).

Anyway, have you been yet?  If not, why not?  We went along there recently with our very good friends, Alex and Jane who were visiting us from England.

A Fabulous night out in TenerifeIt really is a great night out for all the family and I have to say we were looked after from the minute we arrived at the bottom of the steps leading up to the entrance.

Yes, Barry Sparkle was there in person to welcome us and take us up to the welcome drinks that were waiting for us (OK, and for the other guests as well, we weren’t that special!).

The stars of the show, Bitter and Twisted were there in full costume on a special photo set and made themselves available, so to speak (!) to everyone that wanted to have their photos taken with them.

Now we don’t normally buy photos taken in these circumstances, they are often not very good quality and usually very highly priced – not so here, Steve and Lorna from Fly Fotography do a cracking job and the results were very good.  We were greedy, had three photos taken and purchased them all!

After the photos we took a comfy seat out on the terrace until it was time to go through for dinner.  The various screens were showing some terrific clips from bygone TV and Cinema and we had fun trying to remember what show each one was from; Eli and I struggled a little with some as we were a lot younger than the rest of our party …

The last time I had been at this venue was a few years before and on a particularly busy St Patrick’s day event and that was the memory I had of the place … very crowded and not the most comfortable of surroundings … not any longer, it has been transformed and is really well laid out with plenty of space between each table.

We made our way to our places and the waiting staff were soon with us to take our orders for drinks and our starters.  A choice of homemade cream of tomato soup or tomato stuffed with tuna and rice, homemade guacamole and sliced pork was on offer.  I don’t remember what Alex and Jane chose, but Elinor had the soup and Cathy had the other, both said they were pleased with their choices!

The main course, funnily enough, was next and was, as advertised, ‘Succulent Slow Roasted Chicken Pieces, Sliced Potatoes with Onions & Garlic’, not forgetting the fresh veg and sauces.  Don’t worry if you are vegetarian, they can of course cater for you too, I am not sure what the options are, so probably best to arrange this when you book your tickets and reserve your places.

The of course, no meal is complete without pudding … but what to have, the Profiteroles with chocolate sauce or the luxury chocolate & Ice Cream slice, Mmm, decisions, decisions!

OK, then it really was ‘Showtime’ and what a show!  If you have seen John and Barry perform (so to speak!) elsewhere then you will know what an excellent performance they give (Oooh, Errr, Missus!).  You won’t be let down here either because with the addition of the rest of the team, Bambi, Naomi and Johnny it really is non-stop fun and entertainment for the whole family.

I don’t want to spoil it all for you by giving a rundown of each number that they do suffice to say some of the old favourites are in there but mixed in with some great new material.  They really do take you through the decades from the 50’s to the 90’s

Since we were there, they have introduced an entirely new show, Decades Goes to Hollywood, with songs from the musicals – the reports about this show are fantastic!  I think we will have to go back again and sample this one too.

Have you been yet?  If so, let us know which bit you enjoyed most.  If you haven’t, what are you waiting for?  Phone the Box Office on 603 391 256 and book your tickets now!

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