Surprised by the Family!

They got their own back last night … ‘come down to the Irish Times to take some photos of Aaron’s birthday please’ was the message I got a week ago.

So, not feeling too well (my blood sugar is playing up at the moment), I pushed myself to go down for about 10:30 hrs and arrived to find that Steph had organised a ‘reserved’ table at the front of the place (makes sense, I thought, so I could get some good shots when Aaron was on stage).

A little while later, the Band, Derek and Mark of Celtic Confusion started to play one of my favourites, Piano Man.  Elinor was taking a video of the intro ‘just to see how the video works’ on her new camera.  Then the first line was sung …. but neither Derek or Mark were singing it … a recording perhaps?  Maybe Martin (one of the regular singers down in the Times), but no, I recognised that voice … and then Simply Mo walked in off the terrace with a radio mike!

Stunned, is certainly the word I would use …

Claire and Mo had flown over earlier in the evening, dropped their cases off at the Hotel and come straight to the Bar.  They had been sat outside with several other friends waiting for the right moment to surprise me!  Well, they certainly did that!

What a great night and a brilliant week to look forward to now.  Thanks to everyone that was involved and came along last night.  Looking forward to a family BBQ at home this afternoon and then who knows what?

Elinor captured it on video so hopefully that will be uploaded somewhere soon, but in the meantime, here is his House of the Rising Sun.

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