Alan, Coast FM & Teide

What a day!  I guess it really started around midnight (well they usually do) we were still in the Irish Times in Los Cristianos enjoying the entertainment being provided by Mark and Spoons Paul.  Not really sure what time we left but then Cathy (being Cathy) suggested a stop off at that 24 hour café for a barraquito and so it was about 5am when we got to bed!

Well after only 3 hours sleep I was up again to take Eli out to look after Baby Emma, and of course once awake then no chance of getting back to sleep!  Anyway, we didn’t want to be late for Alan’s interview with Ray Wilde at Coast FM did we?

Deep in ThoughtThe interview went really well and after a quick bite to eat we set off to show Alan some more of this beautiful island, up through Arona to Vilaflor and on to the Teide National Parque.

Alan and TeideHome by 7pm, another lovely meal made by Cathy (finished the apple crumble off too) a quick walk for our Oscar and then, guess what … bed time!

Alarm is set early again for the morning as Alan is booked on the first Armas ferry to La Gomera so he can tick that one of his list, before heading to La Palma and finally El Hierro.

Remember if you are able to make a donation you can do this very easily via the Just Giving website.

Don’t forget too that the Wax Bar in Lanzarote are staging a Charity Auction on May 10th, you can bid on one of the items if you are interested, whether you can be there on the night or not!  The wonders of modern technology, there are some great items on offer.

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