Birthday Surprise


Well, after weeks of planning and trying to keep it quiet Elinor’s surprise for her 15th birthday worked a treat.

Eli had hoped her eldest brother, Chris could visit from the UK for her birthday however he had explained that it would not be possible as he had recently visited and couldn’t get the time off work again so soon.

In actual fact the tickets were booked and he arrived on the Island on Thursday evening, staying at a friend’s house so he wasn’t spotted before the party.  Eli thought he had gone to York with some friends for the weekend and didn’t realise that when he was chatting to her on Skype and Facebook he was really just a few kilometres up the road.

We arrived at Dreamers, with Tracey and settled in for a good night of being entertained by our other son, Simply Mo and Celtic con Fusion.  It was nice to see our good friends, Nigel and Aileen with their friend Julie too.  They had come along to see Elinor and to watch the band play, not knowing about the surprise that was planned.

Cathy managed to come with us too but was still suffering really badly with the Flu thing that is hitting everyone at the moment, so wasn’t really in a frame of mind to fully enjoy the night.  During the course of the evening Lucas also succumbed to the dreadful lurgy and ended up going home early.

Part way through the evening Mo announced a surprise ‘recording’ for Eli, a message from her brother Chris that he had sent because ‘he couldn’t be with her’ on her birthday … he was actually outside the bar on a radio mike.

Eli was overcome with emotion, the tears welled up in her eyes as she listened to what she thought was a recorded message.  The rest of the audience clapped at the end of the message and sang Happy Birthday.

As they were singing, Eli spotted someone carrying a birthday cake across to our table and it wasn’t until he was almost right in front of her that she realised it was Chris!  Then the waterworks really started and it took her ages to stop crying … tears of joy (and shock).

A great night for Elinor’s birthday, thanks to everyone who made it special.  Here are a few more photos for you to enjoy.

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