Entertainer in Tenerife

Waiting for Leapy LeeWe had heard about this Leapy Lee character being in Tenerife at the moment and so decided to go and check him out on Thursday night.  Like most people, (well those that remember his name), we could only think of one song, that’s right, ‘Little Arrows’ and so have to admit we were not sure what kind of show we were to look forward to.

Well, we were not disappointed at all, he is a great entertainer and soon had the place rocking.  Everyone, all ages, were able to remember and enjoy the songs that he rattled out during the evening.

I really enjoyed the Skiffle set and, of course, he had to finish off with that 1968 hit, Little Arrows.  Leapy has recorded many different versions of this track and even joked (I think it was a joke …) that he had plans to release a new album of his Greatest Hit!

With his home in Mallorca, I am not sure how long he will be on the Island but why not try to catch one of his shows whilst he is here.  We saw him at Dreamers Bar in Los Cristianos (Thursday Nights) however I believe he has a few other shows around the South too.

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