Do You Believe in Angels?

I do … or rather Cathy does, to be honest I am not sure, maybe there is something there, but no, I am sure I don’t … and yet …

This is the first of a couple of articles prepared by Cathy (and sure to be read by at least one other person, Lesley I know you will enjoy this one!)

Angel Taking Care of YouDo you ever have the feeling that someone is watching over you?  When things start to go wrong, something always happens to make things better.

I believe that everyone has an angel watching over them, sometimes they just don’t realise it.

So many strange things have happened to me, to make me believe that there is definitely something there.

There is a saying that if you find one pure white feather while you are out walking, it is a sign that your angel is with you.  When I am worrying about something, I always find a white feather in the strangest of places where I wouldn’t normally find one.  On the doorstep, in the lift, or one would just float past.  I always pick it up and say ‘thank you’ as I know I am being protected.

I have had a lot of worrying things happen to me over the past few years and when I feel down or frightened, I always speak to my angel.  I speak to her every morning while I am out walking and ask for help and protection for the day and I always thank her for the day that’s past.  I always get a warm feeling as if someone is with me.

A very strange thing happened to me a couple of months ago.

I had been out working and when I came in I noticed that a diamond was missing from my engagement ring.  I searched for it, looking everywhere and couldn’t find it.  I thought maybe I had lost it on the bus or at work.  I was very upset about this and gave up hope of ever finding it.

The next night I was sitting on the settee, we had just finished dinner.  Stephen had just gone back to the computer (for a change!) and I was sitting alone when I saw something shine out of the corner of my eye.  There on the settee right next to me was the tiny diamond from my ring!

Now we had each sat on the settee at some point since the day I noticed the stone was missing and there was nothing there the day before as I remember looking all over the settee.  It was as if it had been placed there for me to find it.  Straight away I thanked my angel and I have now put it safe so that I can have it fitted into my ring again.

Angel Watching OverI also have a parking angel.  When I am looking for a parking space, I always ask the parking angel to find me a space.  I say, ‘please find me a parking space’.  It never fails!  You should try it, but always remember to say please and thank you.

So every day, talk to your angel.  Ask for protection during the day and if you had a good day  remember to say ‘thank you’.  Tell her all about your problems and ask for help.  If you see a white feather while out on your travels, pick it up and again say ‘thank you’.

Have any strange things ever happened to you to make you believe?  Things that you can’t quite explain?  Let us know, and maybe we can include it as an article here to share with others.

You are never alone even when you feel you are.

Your Angel is always there to help you and is one of the best friends you will ever have.

Well, there you have it.  This is Cathy’s first posting on The Beach so please let us know if you enjoyed it.  Next time, all about Orbs …

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