Tenerife Forum

Have you registered for the (new) Tenerife Forum yet?Well it looks like one of the old Forums here is Tenerife might be in trouble, it has been off-line for a few days now and apparently the ‘owner’ cannot be contacted (and seems to have been out of communication for some time reading various comments on Social Media sites today.

Now a lot of people think that Forums are a waste of time and a lot of people just go on Forums just to ‘Troll’ (wind people up!) and cause trouble (or interesting threads, depending on your view-point), however many Forums, if run properly are a fantastic source of information and companionship for a lot of people around the globe.

I am pleased to see that a few members from the Tenerife Forum have pulled together very quickly and have brought a replacement Forum back on-line in a very quick time.  Clearly they have taken a lot of work on and I know they will be working manically behind the scenes to get all the ‘bells and whistles’ working, trying to pre-empt their new member’s needs!  Let’s hope people give them some space to do this without nagging and complaining too much … although it is a Forum so I guess that won’t happen (big wink smilies needed here!).

If you were a member of the original one and you are missing it, or if you would like to join in and be part of a great community all about Tenerife then why not head along to the new domain and register today?

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