Tenerife Paintings

Cathy and I have ‘known’ a lady called Monica (or Margaretta depending on where we were talking on line) although we have never actually met each other.

One evening last year at one of the many festivals here in Tenerife apparently we nearly met, we were sitting metres away from each other on the beach in Los Cristianos – neither of us knew or realised until we both described seeing the same thing on the way home!

This last week I received a lovely surprise in my messages, a photo of a painting that Monica has made of a scene from that evening.  I think it is lovely and with her permission would like to share it with you all.

A Beautiful Painting by Monica / Margaretta

I hope you like it as much as I do, Monica is currently working on one of Los Abrigos at the moment however doesnt think they are good enough to sell – what do you think?  If enough of you like this one, Monica may agree to me sharing a few of her others with you.

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