First Time Since 2003

So, excess baggage pre booked on line, bags packed and off to the UK.  That was me on Wednesday, dreading the change in temperature, leaving 24 degrees and expecting minus figures when I arrived.

After a delay (inevitable these days apparently) we set off and after a good flight I am setting foot on the tarmac at Manchester Airport (wonder if it is the same spot that I left from 6 and a half years ago?) – its not that cold after all, a thaw seems to have started.

Manchester Central (the old GMex)Taxi to the hotel and I am very pleased to see how close it is to the Exhibition Centre – this is the view from my 6th floor room, easy walking distance.

After a good nights sleep its off to find Argos where I had reserved the TV that we needed to use to show our Company DVD during the show.  First hurdle to jump here when after queuing the lady behind the till asked ‘who’s name is the licence in?‘ – I had forgotten (no, not realised) that you can not now buy a TV in the UK without proving a licence is in place!  After some hasty discussions we were allowed to go ahead with the purchase and were walkiing through Manchester City centre carrying the 32″ TV.

Off to the exhibition centre (the old GMex) to set up the stand and very pleased with the way things were organised.  The only problem we have, as do all the exhibitors, is that the temperature inside is lower than outside!

The Grand Holidays Club Stand at ManchesterWe opened to the public on Friday and although much smaller than we were lead to believe have been very pleased with the event so far, today is the last day so hopefully we will have a bigger attendance (there is after all no Football to distract people today).

Clear up time tomorrow and store the bits and pieces until we do it all again in Glasgow next month.  Already looking forward to getting back to the warmth on Tuesday.  I am now even more convinced we are better off in living in Tenerife, yes it is tough sometimes, but looking around the folks of Manchester, wrapped up in the huge coats, scarves, hats and gloves, with few smiles between them, I know where I want to be.

Have any of you recently moved back to the UK, or is anyone contemplating the move?  Let me know how you have found the transition or what you are expecting when you get back.

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