Tenerife to Lanzarote

We could have just flown across and been there in about an hour, but we fancied doing it a different way, so we took the slow ferry from Santa Cruz to Arrecife on Friday night, landing in Lanzarote 24 hours later and it was great fun!

The timetable said we would set off at 23:30hrs, however by 01:30hrs we still hadn’t moved from the quayside, so we went to bed, well the cabin was paid for it would have been rude not to use it.  We were woken at around 03:30hrs by the sounds of the engines and realised that we had actually and eventually set off on our journey.  We got up and had a wander around the decks to see Tenerife disappearing into the distance and then went back to sleep for a while.

The journey was a little rough, but nothing too bad and by morning we were docking at Gran Canaria.  We obtained our shoreleave passes and went off to explore for a couple of hours.  We walked up into some of the older places around the port first of all but then ended up on a lovely beach before heading back to the boat and our Noon deadline.

Setting off on the next leg of our journey around 14:00hrs we were heading for Fuerteventura, this was just a very brief stop with no opportunity to get off the boat this time (but we have a full week there next week anyway, so no problem for us!).

The views of Fuerteventura as we sailed up the coast were amazing, although the wind was very strong and most photos of Cathy and Eli had their hair blowing all over the place.

After the brief stop we were on the final leg of the sailing and docked in Lanzarote right on time, disembarked and got a taxi straight away to take us to Costa Teguise and the resort of Oasis Lanz Club where we will be staying until the 9th, relaxing and exploring another of the fabulous Canary Islands.

Will write more soon, but going to enjoy this sunshine now!

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