Visiting Tenerife from the USA

I have received a question from one of  my readers in the US asking about a particular Hotel and asking for some help and advice.  As I do not know the Hotel personally I thought I would quote the questions here in the hope that one of my other readers or followers will be able to help more than I am able:

Hi Stephen,
I’ve been researching a vacation in tenerife and can see from your twitting that you are the man to ask about tenerife life!  I wonder if you could help me?  We have the opportunity to stay at the Gran Melia Palacio de Isora in Guia de Isora in the middle of June.  I wonder if you’ve heard of that hotel and if you could advise me about the quality of beaches in that area (rocky, black?), if we should rent a car, and any other information or advice you could offer to two New Yorkers on holidays.  Thanks so very much!
Best Wishes

Clearly I know that there is a mix of beaches within easy reach of the Hotel that can be explored whilst on holiday, although in the immediate vicinity I think they may be more of the black sand variety (it still feels the same as the white sand you know!).

My advice about renting a car in Tenerife would be that it depends on how comfortable you feel driving in new countries, to gain the full benefit of your visit to our island then you really do need to explore the areas away from your Hotel and not make the mistake so many people make by just sticking around the pool all day!  Whether you do this independently by hiring a vehicle or using some of the many trips and excursions that are available from places like Tenerife Sunshine has to be your decision.

One thing is certain though, I am sure you will have a great time here and I hope that you will let us know how you get on, maybe sharing some of the photos from your trip with us too.

In the meantime, can anyone add any more advice here for Risa?

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