Walking in Tijoco Alto

We got a lift from a friend who had said ‘yes, I know where that is, no problem’ but as we were driving up and up, he commented that he hadn’t been this far before …. still we found where we were going and he dropped us off, agreeing to come back and collect us later.

It was a sunny day and had been invited to a friends house for a BBQ and a catch up away from work!

The food and company were, as usual, delicious and then we decided to take their dog out for a walk through the woods above the house … maybe not a good idea as we hadnt come prepared for walking!  Still off we went keeping to the tracks and watching our footing.

It was a lovely afternoon/early evening and we thought we would share some of the snaps we took as we wandered – these are just ‘as taken’ with no Photoshop work or cropping – hope you enjoy them.

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