¡Feliz Año Nuevo!

Celebrating New Year's Eve on The Beach in Tenerife

Where has this year gone to?  It’s the 2nd January already!

Hope you all had a great celebration on Thursday night/Friday morning, I know we did, the atmosphere was brilliant down near the beach for the Fireworks at midnight although we nearly missed it – we didn’t leave Cheers Bar in time and Cathy had us all running down the streets shouting at us!

Watching Fireworks in Los Cristianos on New Year's Eve

Anyway we did manage to see all of the displays around whilst eating our grapes and drinking our cava (as you do!).  They were really good!

When they were over we made a bee line for Dreamers Bar for a quick drink and to say hello to Rob and the Team in there – the new Irish entertainment seemed to be going down well, banging out many of those favourite tunes that we know and love!

Dancing to the Live Band in Los Cristianos


After that we wandered along the beach front and up past the Church square to the stage outside the Cultural Centre to enjoy the live band.  I think it was heading up to 2am by this time and we stayed for a few hours before heading home to Cathy’s traditional New Year’s Day breakfast – Curry!

I managed to avoid the Curry but our  gnome, Barney, kidnapped from Leeds before we left was there and he joined in!

Curry for Breakfast in Los Cristianos

Another great party night in Tenerife shared with some brilliant friends.  What did you end up doing?  Don’t forget to send us some photos of your celebrations.


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