Back to Normal

Well, it’s all over now for another year, maybe we can get back to normal again now!  Hope you all enjoyed the festivities yesterday and that you received everything you wanted.

Christmas Dinner in Tenerife 2009
Was it safe to let Mo carve?

We had a great afternoon and evening, having been invited to have Christmas Dinner with our son, Simply Mo and his partner Claire at their apartment.  Also there were friends Emma (watch out for her new Salon opening soon!) and Paul and Becky (Billy Idol and his missus!).

The food and the company were superb and we ended up playing on the Wii until late, that was an experience (loved the archery)!  I did stray somewhat from the Diabetes  diet but, hey it’s Christmas!  Emma and Becky would have been offended if I refused the home made chocolate cake and well, what would Mo have said if I didn’t join him with that lovely black Sambuca (or three) – it would have just been rude!

A nice relaxing day today, listening to great tunes including Rod Stewart, Stray Cats and P!nk whilst Cathy, Eli and Lucas watched a couple of films.

How did you enjoy your Christmas day and what have you all been doing today?  Let me know, it’s always good to hear from you.

Must be time to eat again now, haven’t eaten for an hour or so now ….

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