Don’t Run for the Bus!


Well, at least if you do be very careful …

After finishing work on Friday, 14th I spotted the bus coming and so thought I would run to make sure I caught it, instead of waiting for the net one in, what, maybe another 5 or 10 minutes!

Unfortunately, my foot slipped off the edge of the path and bent over on itself and I heard a very loud ‘CRACK’, I didn’t fall just stumbled and still caught the bus, but as I sat down the pain was getting worse.

After a trip to Urgencias in Los Cristianos and then up to El Majon Hospital it was confirmed – a fracture of the metatarsal in my left foot and a cast for 4 weeks (since revised to 6 or 7 weeks).

A Mobility Scooter from Family MobilityThanks to Alan at Mr Cool’s Hire Shop for the wheelchair which allowed me to get around in those first few days, but I found it too much hard work and my shoulders and arms ended up hurting more than my foot!

So, I decided to upgrade and go for an electric mobility scooter from Mobility Family in Los Cristianos, thanks to Patrick and Tracey for your help and advice as to which model to take.  My ‘Limo Cabriolet’ has been superb and enables me to travel from Los Cristianos to work in Torviscas and back every day (I might just decide to keep it once my foot is better anyway!).


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