An Interview with Simply Mo

We have had a little gap in this series, but now have the pleasure of hearing from Simply Mo, another of the entertainers here in Tenerife. Simply Mo has recently worked at Roxy’s Blaydon Races in the Patch and is currently the compere, 5 nights a week, at The Penny Farthing in Los Cristianos.  On a Friday or Saturday night you might also see him on stage at Dreamers singing with Mark and Derek.


Simply Mo at The Penny FarthingHow long have you lived in Tenerife?

It will be 7 years in August this year (2010).

Where do you call home, here or where you were born and why?

No doubt about that, it is Tenerife, definitely because most of my family lives in Tenerife.

Now that you live on a Holiday Island, what is your favourite Holiday destination?

I don’t know really, I’ve never really thought about it.  I suppose it could be Glasgow, because that’s the only place I’ve been since being here.  I do love the Scottish countryside.

Describe your best memory since living in Tenerife?

Oooooohhh! Now you’re asking, lol, I guess it’s going to be when I met my other half, Claire a couple of years ago.  Soppy I know, but it’s probably true.

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time (keep it clean)?

Chilling out and doing the bare minimum (I’m lazy like that, lol).

Tenerife's Drago TreeWhich is your favourite Tourist Attraction?

The Drago Tree, I just love the town that it’s in.  There is a beautiful church just next to it which has a huge solid gold alter.

Where would you say was the best place to eat and/or drink in Tenerife?

To eat would probably be a little restaurant in Los Abrigos called La Scarpetta.  It is right on the harbour and the seafood they serve is the nicest I’ve ever had.  It is of course all fresh the same day.

To drink well there are so many great bars that I couldn’t single one out.

What has been your biggest challenge since you arrived on the Island?

I would say getting myself established as a cabaret act.  It’s so hard trying to get you’re face known and it took me a long time, I still struggle a little bit, but I think I’m getting there!

Is there something that you would really like to achieve within the next 5 years?

Yeah, I’d love to secure a recording contract.  That would make all the struggling worthwhile.

Tell us something that that few people will know about you?

I have two pet Iguanas, Marcello and Pedro.  You might meet Pedro as he sometimes comes out for a drink with me to The Penny Farthing in Los Cristianos!

Pedro - one of Simply Mo's Iguanas

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