Los Cristianos Carnaval Parade 2011

These parades come around very quickly don’t they?

Due to start at 17:00hrs yesterday from in front of the Paloma Beach complex, we set off from home to walk down to our chosen spot at about 16:30hrs.  There are crowds and crowds of people already lining the route, many having brought their own chairs, some even with PicNics on tables beside them.

We were due to meet friends at a bar opposite where the Sunday Market  takes place and we arrived with perfect timing as they were just being served at the bar!  We were also able to meet with some other people that, although we have ‘known’ each other on line for a long time, we had not actually met in the flesh (so to speak!).

Unfortunately one of our other friends was later arriving and we never actually made contact with her, hopefully Beata managed to find somewhere good to watch the procession without us.

Anyway, here is the gallery of photos for you to have a look through (at the moment I have uploaded them all, but will probably reduce the number inthe Gallery to show just the bst ones – which ones do you think I should keep here?), there were some great costumes and floats again, well done to all of you that were involved!

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