Still having Physio!

You may remember that on 14th October last year I ran for the bus and ended up breaking a bone in my foot, well although the bone appears to be healing well I am still having pain and have just been referred back to have more physio to try to sort the damaged tendons out.

What a surprise when I walked in to the physio department and found that Cora had moved from La Camella to the ‘Blue Clinic’ and would be looking after me again, with the help of her colleague Beatrice.

Learning Spanish and Teaching EnglishWhereas earlier this year the sessions were quite relaxing, the last two weeks have been a scream, you see Beatrice is learning English and of course I really need to improve my Spanish – maybe Beatrice is reading this now, I did suggest that she should try to read some of the articles on here!

Beatrice did promise to take a photo of the Blue Moon the other night and send it to me so I could upload it for everyone to see, but sadly it has not arrived yet and Beatrice has now changed departments so I cannot remind her about it … maybe Cora will see her and ask what happened.

Anyway, as well as the physio improving the pain in my foot, these classes in Spanglish were very useful and I think that this method of learning, one to one in an informal environment might actually be the way Cathy and I can improve our Spanish … we will have to give this some thought.

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