Does the Taxman owe you money?

Did you sell a property in Spain between January 1st 1997 and December 31st 2006?

Spanish Tax Reclaim

Well, from what I understand you could be entitled to some money back from the tax man!

You might have already read that the European court has ruled that Spain’s taxation policy towards foreign property owners was unjust, but like a lot of things over here trying to work out what you need to do can be a nightmare.  You see, although the ruling was made, there was no procedure set in place for reclaiming the tax, this was left to Spain to sort out, and they have not made the process simple.

This is where Alfonso Padilla Peña and his team at Tax Reclaim Spain can help you.  They are providing a transparent service on a ‘no win, no fee’ basis which means that they can pursue your Spanish tax reclaim without any financial risk on your behalf – that has to be of interest to you.

Apparently there are two distinct types of claims (and I am going to quote from the Tax Reclaim Spain website now to make sure I get it right!):

  • Those who paid the full 35% Capital Gains Tax or 5% retention and are making their claim within four years of selling their property.  In effect this means only those who sold their property in 2006 and paid Capital Gains Tax.  If you fall into this group then you should make your claim as soon as possible.  If you delay, then this will increase the time taken to pursue your reclaim.
  • Those who paid the full 35% Capital Gains Tax  or 5% retention and sold their property between January 1997 and 2006.  This is a longer legal procedure because it falls outside of the four year window set by the Spanish Taxman for the backdating of tax reclaims.

So, I can almost hear you asking, ‘What is the next step?  What do I have to do?’

It seems to be easy, just contact Tax Reclaim Spain now and follow their 5 step guide and you could be on your way to recovering the money that is rightfully yours … well, what are you waiting for?

Start your reclaim now!

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