Tenerife Carnaval 2011

Yay!  Clowns at the Santa Cruz Carnaval in 2009It is that time of year again, how quickly has that come around (must be getting old!)?

We have a load of festivals here in the Canary Islands, but probably the best know of all is the Carnaval season, its a time of absolute mayhem, terrific hilarity and so many opportunities for dressing up and really letting your hair down.

It is difficult to miss what’s going on here in Tenerife (and I am sure on the other islands too) probably the biggest events kicking off on the 4th March in Santa Cruz, closely followed on the 5th with Puerto de Las Cruz, head for Los Gigantes from the 17th and closer to our home from the 20th March in Los Cristianos.

Of course these are only the starting dates for the many events and activities that will be taking place in each.  Last year we went to Puerto for their closing parade (taking place this year on the 12th March) and actually were invited to be part of the parade alongside the guys from The Majestic – what fun that was!

The year before we enjoyed Santa Cruz’s massive procession and I think that is where we will be heading again this year if all goes to plan (hopefully work won’t get in the way too much!).

Being on our doorstep we will also look forward to the streets of Los Cristianos being filled with hundreds (perhaps thousands, I am not going to count them all?) of people dressed in many, many different brightly coloured and extravagant costumes!

Stephen with Elinor at the 2009 Santa Cruz CarnavalWhere will you be joining in?

Don’t forget to share your best photos with us here at The Beach!

This is one of my favourites from the 2009 Carnaval in Santa Cruz, hope you like it.

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