What are Orbs?

Following the terrific interest in Cathy’s last article, Do You Believe in Angels? here is her next offering, all about Orbs.

This is something that has fascinated me for a while now.

Well, one theory (and one I believe in) is that orbs are balls of light energy from ghostly activity around us and are believed to be the spirits of people or animals that have not yet passed over to the other side.

OrbsWhen we die, it is said that our spirits move to another level.  Some human beings and animals decide to stay here a little longer and refuse to or can not move over for some reason.  Maybe they just feel as if they want to stay with their loved ones a little longer or maybe they have some unfinished business to take care of.

One night, a few years ago, I was asleep in bed when I woke to see a small ball of light, which was very bright, appear at the top corner of the room, float across to the other side and then disappear.  There was no explanation for it and it gave me quite a shock at the time.

These ghostly orbs are often caught on camera.  Next time you take a photograph just take a look to see if you can see any.  I have found several on the photographs I have taken.

Faces on OrbsSome of these orbs even have faces in them.  If you ‘zoom in’ and look closely, you can often make out the faces of humans or animals.  Don’t be surprised if it is someone you recognise.

Always remember you shouldn’t be frightened if you do see any orbs.  It is just someone that you used to know, whether human or animal.  They are just letting you know that they are still with you and watching over you and so you should take comfort in this really.

I have read that yellow spiritual orbs are guardian angels and should be welcomed into your home.  However if you don’t want the spiritual orbs around you, you should ask them to go on to heaven where the rest of their family is.  It is thought that you can tell them to go home and they will.  You would have to wonder though why anyone would want to send away their guardian angel!

What do you think, have you had any ‘close encounters’ with these orbs?  I have to admit I am sceptical, but having been ‘forced’ to look at hundreds of photos with these orbs showing, I am not too sure…

Let us know what you think and if you have any photos of particularly good examples of orbs, why not send us them with some brief details so that Cathy can do a follow up article?

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