Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-06-22

  • Last day at work before a 5 day break, but so much to do today! #
  • Testing the new fountain for Cathy's 50th Birthday, how very kind of Arona #
  • @AmazingAstrid Dreamers Bar is in Los Cris, near Chicagos, Slow Boat area near to the beach by the port .. hope this helps. in reply to AmazingAstrid #
  • The Hoppings! I wonder if that toffee stall is still there? Had many pounds of toffee from there over the years #
  • Cathy's 50th Birthday Brunch in the making #
  • Here is one of the little videos that Eli made for Cathy's birthday … #
  • Listening to Judie Tzuke – Welcome to the Cruise. Remember going to see her at Newcastle City Hall many years ago! #
  • Someone e-mailed eldest son's mgr to say how nice & professional he was, free bottle of vino & maybe won VIP Kings of Leon tickets – result! #
  • RT @bbcbreaking: UK VAT to rise to 20% from January 2011 & child benefit frozen for 3 years #
  • Did you see the new links on The Beach? #
  • Uruguay Score at 43' 🙂 Lucas will be very pleased! #
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