Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-01-18

  • Thunderbirds Are Go! #
  • RT @thecanarieshome: Canary Islands Daily! ▸ Stories today by @grancanariainfo @BeachinTenerife @mikecj @madreislena #
  • Day off today, but loads to do at home. Hope I don't get called in to work to cover the people that are off ill! #
  • Oops, went back to bed for a couple of hours instead of doing the work I needed to do. Ah, well, I must have needed it! #
  • Staffies – RSPCA wants to give the dog a good name #
  • #ff @rspca_official @markchute @juliecj @sexythingsntoys #
  • Good day's work completed this afternoon, time for a Brandy and a relax now I think #
  • No idea 🙁 RT @tenerifemag: Could fans finally be stumped with current photo challenge? Where on #Tenerife is this: #
  • Brilliant! Snr Basil's (@Tenerifedogs) new look, trying to keep those moggies out of the garden! #
  • @64PJL Do they have an iron in The Brickies 😉 #
  • Being asked a lot about AdWords at the moment – guess I better try to learn how to use them! Any pointers? #
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