Cats Aid in Tenerife

We see and hear lots and lots about the various Dog Rescue organisations in Tenerife however maybe we don’t hear as much about the sterling work that is now being carried out by Cats Aid here in the South.

Cats Aid is a Tenerife Association that is NOT a rehoming centre, Nor is it a refuge to dump unwanted cats with.  No, the way they approach the problems of over population is through the TNR process.

What is TNR I hear you asking?  Me too, it was a new phrase for me, but it makes perfect sense

Trap – Neuter – Release

TNR stabilises the population of feral cats and, over time, obviously reduces it.  Neutering cats actually stops a lot of the behavior that people complain about.  The neutered males have no desire to mark their territory, so they stop spraying.  Females never go into heat, so the yowling created by mating no longer occurs.  Male cats stop fighting because there are no females in heat to fight over, and neutered males have no desire to mate even if a female in heat is in the area.

This practice of TNR allows feral & outdoor cats to live their lives without adding to the overpopulation of homeless cats.  The strain on local shelters and refuges is reduced by lowering the number of cats and kittens who are dumped at their doors and of course as there are less stray cats and kittens this means less competition for places in adoptive homes.

There is a also a benefit to the Cats as well, it is true that neutered outdoor cats live much healthier lives that unaltered cats.

So, great news all round plus wherever possible Cats Aid actually expand TNR to TTVNR, go on, have a guess what that all means then …

Trap – Test – Vaccinate – Neuter – Release

Of course, all this work requires funds for food, vets bills, injections and operations and they would love to hear from people who can donate time to help raise funds or trap cats for neutering.

Can you help, I hope so, if you can please get in touch directly with Cats Aid in Tenerife, help them to make a difference.

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