Still having Physio!

You may remember that on 14th October last year I ran for the bus and ended up breaking a bone in my foot, well although the bone appears to be healing well I am still having pain and have just been referred back to have more physio to try to sort the damaged tendons out….

Stevie, Oscar and Sasha

Forest Fire – Tenerife

Looking at smoke from our terrace this afternoon and following comments on various forums there is a fire in the Ifonche region of the Island.  All of the services are there trying to get it under control however with the high winds and the very dry landscape they are having difficulty. Here is a video…

Lightning Strikes Tyne Bridge, Newcastle upon Tyne

Not Tenerife, but a lot of our family are in and around this area and we lived and worked there for many years.  Scary stuff but what a great capture!

Night of the Fires

Here are some of Cathy’s photos from the Night of the Fires in Los Cristianos, Tenerife this weekend.

72 Years Ago Today

I wonder what was going through Gunner Chute’s thoughts 72 years today when at 15:48hrs the cruise liner, Lancastria that was to be his safe passage back home came under attack from enemy aircraft. After 3 direct hits, apparently from a German Junkers 88 bomber, the Lancastria sank, within 20 minutes, taking with her many,…

Kenny’s Teide Visit

All For You – Molly Smitten-Downes

Enjoy this beautiful song by the fantastic Molly Smitten-Downes, All For You.  Its available from iTunes now! I understand what you are going through disappointment is bringing you down again But you know I’m always here for you To try and put a smile back on your face When it feels just like the world…

Missing Cat – Buzanada

Has anyone seen this lovely little cat that has gone walk about in Buzanada, Tenerife? Answers to the name of Saffy and has a brown spot on the back of her left heel. Missing since Sunday from the Viña de las Arenas area of Buzanada. Please contact us with any sightings so we can let…

Relaxing in the Sun