Only Fools and Horses

I am sure you will all have seen the sad news yesterday that Only Fools and Horses scriptwriter John Sullivan, has died after a short illness aged only 64.

Only Fools and Horses in TenerifeThe episodes of this terrific series have been played over and over again in bars all over Tenerife and I am sure elsewhere and no matter how many times you watch them there is always something there to make you smile, or pure ‘Laugh out Loud’ as the saying appears to be these days!

Another thought ran through my mind too, perhaps out of order, but how many people living in the South of Tenerife remind you of these well loved characters, I know I can think of more than a few!

Reading through a number of the articles in the press today it reminded me of some of the great phrases or sayings that actually came from the series – some that I had forgotten even came from there.

Here are a few from a BBC page which suggested they were some of the best, what do you think?  Can you remember which character said them?

  1. Lovely Jubbly!
  2. Rodney, you plonker!
  3. This time next year, we’ll be millionaires!
  4. During the war …
  5. Alright Dave?
  6. Not goodbye, just bonjour
  7. He who dares Rodney, he who dares
  8. Don’t you ever come near me again, Trotter!

I will leave you with a quote from the 1985 episode “To Hull and Back” which is topical for this Easter Sunday:

John Sullivan - Top BBC Sitcom Writer who died April 2011Rodney He’s something else ain’t he? And what about all the currents they got round here eh we could have drifted anywhere by now.

Del Yes he’s right an’all ain’t he? We’re in the middle of the North Sea ain’t we? It’s got more currents than a hot-cross bun.

Thanks John, for the many, many laughs that you gave us (I still can’t look at a chandelier without smiling!).

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