Happy Birthday to Me!

Celtic con Fusion at Dreamers Bar in Los Cristianos, TenerifeWell, today is Sunday, 19th September 2010, and it is my birthday, I am 48 years old and although the last few years have been particularly taxing for one reason or another, I still love living in Tenerife with my family.

Yesterday two of our very good friends arrived on the Island to help me celebrate this year’s birthday and we had a great evening out with family and friends, starting at Dreamers Bar in Los Cristianos where my son, Simply Mo was singing with the fantastic band, Celtic con Fusion – what an experience listening to the way they perform together, sheer magic!

From there we headed across to The Patch for a quick drink in The Blaydon Races (we will be back there on Thursday night), then over the road to The Full Monty before heading home again.

This morning I think a bit of R &R is on the cards before a lovely Sunday lunch at The Bistro (this time we remembered to book a table!).

Nothing decided for this evening yet, any suggestions?

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