Happy New Year!

We would like to wish all of our friends, relatives and readers of The Beach a very Happy New Year for 2011.

Happy New Year from The Beach in TenerifeAs this article is published we will hopefully be down on the beach in Los Cristianos watching the spectacular firework displays in all directions.  We will have been entertained by Celtic con Fusion and Simply Mo at Dreamer’s Bar (yes, I know we keep mentioning this place/band but they are very good!) after which we will head on back up to the massive street party outside the Cultural Centre where we will be dancing to the two live bands that will be performing there!

If its like previous years we will arrive home in the early hours and Cathy will share out her Curry to those that want it, whilst Eli and I will probably have a bacon buttie or two.

We might miss a lot of the 1st January, but it will have been worth it!

Hope you all have a great time too wherever and however you are celebrating the arrival of 2011 xxx

(Image borrowed from the Facebook Page of Puerto Rico Gran Canaria)


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