Agility in Tenerife

This is the first guest post from Claire McIntyre.  Claire is a dog groomer now based in the south of Tenerife and has been looking after dogs for the last 19 years.   In addition , Claire also participates in dog agility classes and competitions having trained agility in the UK.

Everyone should have a pastime or hobby well this is mine……

Ollie JivingWe moved to the South of Tenerife from the UK about 3 years ago and are now settled with our 2 dogs, Blitz and Ollie and I am so pleased that we have been able to continue to  be involved with helping people to train their dogs and participate in agility events here.

I have been doing agility for nearly 20 years and when we lived in the UK also ran classes so that other people could enjoy this sport.  Since relocating I have become an active member of the Club Agility De Tenerife in the North of the Island and with this Club have recently participated in a competition in Gran Canaria.

My partner and I (and our dogs of course) travelled there with our friends (and their dogs) and I must say it certainly was an adventure travelling with 5 dogs & 4 adults to another island in a Renault Kangoo!!

Blitz on the BridgeBlitz is my Belgian Shepherd and she came with us from the UK, she is 6 years old and has been taking part in agility competitions since she was about 12 months.  She only looks this insane whilst she is working, at home with us she really is a big softie!

I am also in the process of training my other dog Ollie who is a border terrier cross.  You can see Ollie jiving in the photo at the top of the article – she is loving it!

If you would like any information about Agility for dogs, or with regard to dog grooming (I am fully qualified and have been for many years) please do not hesitate to get in touch with me.  I am based in the South and would be pleased to help you with any questions or advice you may need.

By the way, being so involved with animals brings me into contact with many people that have similar interests and I know one of the things that people with dogs worry about is where they can board their ‘babies’ if they need to go away for a while.  I can definitely recommend Digs 4 Dogs an excellent kennels in the south where I can guarantee your dog’s stay would be a very comfortable & happy one!

Thanks, Claire!  You have obviously gained a lot of experience in this area and it is great that you are continuing to follow it now that you have moved here.  I am sure that Tenerife Dogs and their readers will be interested in this article (and any others you may have in the pipeline).

If anyone would like any further information you can either ask questions here using the comment button above or give Claire a call on 660 862 910.

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