An Interview with Angie McLean

Next in the spotlight is Angie McLean, what have you got to share with us Angie?

Angie on The Beach in TenerifeHow long have you lived in Tenerife?

I have lived in Tenerife for 8 Years now.  But I had previously worked within the tourist industry in various Spanish locations before settling here.

Where do you call home, here or where you were born and why?

There is no doubt, Tenerife is my home.  It’s where I have my house, my job and where I am happily raising my family.  Both of my daughters were born here.

Now that you live on a Holiday Island, what is your favourite Holiday destination?

Mallorca!!!!  Another Spanish Island, I know… but I spent many years there and it is Beautiful.  The people are lovely, the scenery spectacular and the beaches are amazing, the shopping’s fairly good as well!!!  Thailand follows as a close second…

Angie's Wedding on The Beach in TenerifeDescribe your best memory since living in Tenerife in Tenerife

My Wedding!  My husband and I got married here and we had a fantastic day with all of our family and friends.  It was a great day and of course the weather was perfect!!

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?  (keep it clean)

I think this is spending time with my children & catching up with friends.  We may enjoy a few ‘shandies’ on the beach or during the summer we have been known to have the odd camping trip or two up in the pine forest.

Which is your favourite Tourist Attraction?

It has to be the Submarine Safari excursion.  It’s something really unique & fun to do.  The underwater world here is marvellous; the sight of the gigantic stingrays takes my breath away every time.  My children love it as well; it’s such an adventure for them.  Imagine, discovering the depths of the Atlantic without getting a single hair wet!!!

One Tequila, Two Tequila ... on The Beach in TenerifeWhere would you say was the best place to eat and/or drink in Tenerife?

I love El Jable which is a typical Canarian Restaurant in the town of San Isidro.  For Italian & the best Mojitos on the island I would choose Biancos in the Safari Centre, Las Americas BUT my favourite has to be Balkonen.  It’s a Lebanese restaurant in Playa de Las Americas but they also offer an international menu.  The staff are very welcoming and friendly, food is delicious and it’s great value for money.

What has been your biggest challenge since you arrived on the Island?

Oh, that will be arranging the paperwork for our marriage.  It was a complete nightmare.  We were back & forth countless times from Consulates to town halls.  Having to get every document translated and signed only for the lady in the town hall to tell me “you haven’t got this document”!!  It took around a year just to get the right licenses before we could begin to actually arrange the wedding.

That challenge is followed very closely by the childbirth experience!  Generally not a bad word to say about the care and attention received but why do the medical authorities on this island not believe in pain relief????

Is there something that you would really like to achieve within the next 5 years?

I have been trying very had to get fit over the last 18 months or so.  I feel really well at the moment so thought that the time had come to set myself a bit of a challenge.  A friend & I are planning to do a charity run of 54kms from the National Park of Las Cañadas down to the South East coast.  We have not got a date for this yet (due to injury, not mine!) but it will happen and we will be raising money for the Lions Charity to help the less fortunate children here & in the UK.  I hope that will be a good achievement.

Tell us something that that few people will know about you

I have shared a pint with ZinZan Brooke!  Who?  hahaha

OK, I admit it, Google was my friend!  I had no idea who ZinZan Brooke was (sorry ZinZan).  Angie, thanks for taking part.  I do remember your wedding, it doesn’t seem that long ago, I was surprised when I was searching for a photo to use when it was!

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