Guest Posts

The Beach in Tenerife does accept ‘Guest Posts’ from time to time, these will be posts from other bloggers usually with a topic that is relevant to our own site.  I say usually because, being a relatively new blog I do not want to be to prescriptive!

One thing that any ‘Guest’ will have to accept though is that we have our own postings planned out and often have a schedule of posts waiting to go live at the flick of a button (or even automatically).

Guest Posting is not a rightThe reason I raise this is that I was approached by e-mail at the end of last month by someone that said they had come across The Beach and wondered if we accepted ‘Guest Articles’.  I responded that we did if they were relevant and after a few more exchanges over the following days I was sent an article and some photos.  The article was not about Tenerife but one of the other islands and I thought it might be interesting for our readers.  Timing of publication was never discussed, but it would have been scheduled in as soon as possible without disrupting our ‘normal’ postings.

I say ‘would have been’ as, alas at that time my PC and site (as many of you know) were hit by a nasty virus and I was unable to post anything!  The damage meant that I had to recover the site from Back Up and that never runs smoothly in my opinion, but never one to give up we succeeded in getting back on line (and just have a few more images to put back into our earlier posts now!).

Computer hit by VirusWhilst all this was going on, I got what I think was a very rude e-mail from this person – just the words ‘I´ve placed the article I sent you elsewhere.‘  Now, if I had agreed that the article would be published on a specific day then I could possibly understand some frustration, but as it was, then I think I am glad it has been placed elsewhere – I am not sure I want to have articles from people like that on The Beach.

What do you think?  I haven’t responded and I don’t intend to, but it has annoyed me.  Am I right to be annoyed by this person and their website?


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