A Roller Coaster!

It’s been a bit of a roller coaster since my last post was made, and now there is one in our ‘front garden‘!

My last post was about retiring to Tenerife (or anywhere for that matter) and was prepared just before some very good friends of ours arrived for a week long holiday, you see they are planning to move here from the UK in a few years time and we had been discussing a number of things that they will need to consider as part of that move.

We had a brilliant time with Alan and Lesley, even ending up taking part in the Puerto de La Cruz Carnaval on the Saturday – that was a great experience for us, watch out for some of the photos that we took that day, (although you may have already seen some on Facebook and Twitter).

We met up with Bitter and Twisted at The Majestic one night and let me tell you it is well worth a visit – a fantastic venue and the shows are superb.  Our faces were aching when we left that evening.

We also spent some time at Roxy Risque’s Blaydon Races, a little nearer to home on The Patch in Las Americas.  Roxy is another great entertainer and the bar is very friendly – have you been since Roxy took over?

Unfortunately I missed out on the last few days of our friend’s holiday as I was ‘struck down’ with this nasty virus that a lot of people have had and literally was confined to bed for nearly a week.  Recovered now although as anyone who has had it will know it does leave you extremely tired.

I have a few things to write about soon which I hope will  interest a few of you, a possibility of recovering some money from the Tax Man.  Also an opportunity to invest in a property in Fuerteventura (no, its not Timeshare!) and of course there will be some photos from the Los Cristianos Carnaval parade which takes place next Sunday.

So, until next time take care and don’t forget to let me know of any events that you think people should be made aware of.

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