Did you Register your Mobile?

Mobile Phones

Well, yesterday was the deadline to register your Pay As You Go mobile phone, did you manage to register yours or did the long queues put you off?

The threat was that if you hadn’t registered then you would lose your number and any credit that was on the phone at the time.

We saw people arriving on holiday and rushing to the phone shops to try to register before they lost out.  One chap came hurrying in to the Movistar shop behind us and asked us “Can I register my phone here?” – we answered that yes, that was what we were also doing.  What a surprise however when he got to the front of the queue and told the shop assistant that his phone was on the Vodaphone network and was that OK?  Needless to say she took him to the door and pointed him to the Vodaphone shop just across the street!

Anyway, there has been a change in the ruling as mentioned in the News in the Sun yesterday that those that haven’t registered will now have an extra 6 months to carry this out, although they won’t be able to use their phones until they have done it!

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