Fancy an Ice Lolly?

A Nice Cool Lick!

A Nice Cool Lick!

I spotted a great article today from the Canarias24horas website thanks to Janet Anscombe for bringing it to my attention!

I know it will appeal to all of you animal lovers out there, whether you have been to Tenerife or not the chances that you have heard of the Loro Parque are quite high.

Well it seems that those lovely people that work there have had their thinking caps on and have been helping to keep the animals cool in a great way!

Made with vegetables, fish and meat these Ice Lollies have gone down a treat with the Tigers, Gorillas, Chimpanzees and other animals this summer.

They have even had their own ice cream with vegetables such as celery, broccoli, carrots and green & red peppers.

The whales and the sea lions have also had some treats in the form of frosty fish cakes!

Well done to the Vets and Keepers for making a difference!

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