Land for Live Arico

According to one of the articles on Tenerife Dogs it would appear that the purchase of land by/for Live Arico is moving from a dream to a reality as they attempt to buy a piece of land in Fasnia.

They are part of the way there, due to several generous benefactors, but construction costs will not be small, so there needs to be a fund raising initiative too.

Live Arico - Can you help to buy their land?

How affordable is this then?  Could you, buy a square metre of land for Live Arico?  Well yes you can, at just €5 per square metre!

For this you will receive a certificate from Live Arico confirming your purchase and once the centre is completed your name and the number of square metres that you bought will be included on a “Roll of Honour” in the welcome centre at the new refuge.

This sounds like a fantastic initiative and should be affordable for most of us animal lovers.  For more information and to find out how you can make your purchase please call Debbie Gibson (on +34 637 918 158) or Suzy Q (on +34 629 388 102) as soon as you can or if you are in the UK and would prefer not to phone an overseas number, let me know and I will make sure the message is passed straight to them.

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