Tenerife and the Volcano

It looks like things are starting to move again now, and I know there have been loads of articles written about the effects of the Volcano but how many of us living on this Volcanic Island of Tenerife would have thought that it would be a volcano on Iceland that would have caused disruption to us here?

When we set plans in place to move here back in 2002, one of the many questions we were asked was, ‘are you not worried about living so close to that volcano?’ – we have had a few chuckles about that during the last week or so!

There have been a lot of people affected by this disruption, not only the people that have been stranded here, but the people that have been unable to return to the Island after a visit to the UK or elsewhere; businesses have had to take action to survive the reduction in numbers of people arriving on the island and the lack of money for the people that have been stuck here and of course the entertainers who have been cancelled as there was no one in the Bars!

I understand that whilst one or two have decided to close their doors (albeit temporarily) that others have reduced prices or added special offers to help those ‘unfortunate enough‘ to have had their visits extended, well done to those people.

There must have been a lot of funny stories that you have heard during the last few days, or stories that have made you think, ‘wow, I wouldn’t have expected that!‘  Why not let us know what you found interesting by leaving a comment here?  Maybe we can follow up on a couple of the stories to see how they ended up?

Good luck to those people that are now returning to their ‘normal’ lives, lets hope the delays are not too bad and the tempers do not get too frayed.

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