The Majestic

On the 19th February we set off to drive to Puerto de La Cruz, Alan and myself having been transformed into Alison and Steph!  The idea was that we were going to watch the High Heels Marathon that we had read so much about.

Well our plan was flawed, you see we also decided to call in and see John Sharples and Barry Pugh, better known to most of us as Bitter and Twisted in their bar, The Majestic before we made our way to the starting line.

The Majestic, home of Bitter and Twisted

As we often do when we visit Puerto de La Cruz, we drove around the streets a couple of times until we found what we were looking for, but we managed to find a parking space (after Lesley and Cathy asked the Parking Angel for help) and then walked down the steps into The Majestic.

Impressed is not the word, the place is amazing, with such a lovely atmosphere immediately apparent as you walk across to the bar, we felt really welcome from the moment we arrived.

The interior design is marvellous, with the specially commissioned paintings that we had read about adorning the walls and some fantastic effects for the stage area, that became apparent during a couple of the sketches.

Drinks were ordered and introductions made (Alan and Lesley had not met them before) and we found a free table (not an easy task, the place was heaving!).  It was then that we heard there would be two shows that night by Bitter and Twisted PLUS another act in between – what a dilemma!

Do we stay for a drink and then go on our way, do we go have a quick look at the High Heels Marathon and then come back or do we stay and enjoy the shows?  If we left, we may not have got back in, and even if we did it was doubtful that we would have had a seat.

We decided to stay, miss the race, and sit back to enjoy an evening at The Majestic – we believe that this was the right decision.  What a fantastic evening, our jaws were aching by the end of the evening with all of the laughing.  What a scream, we will definitely be back and highly recommend a visit for anyone that hasn’t already been.

You can find The Majestic at Calle Cologan No.12, Puerto de la Cruz, Spain I believe that the bar is open on a Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday from 8pm until late.

By the way, for those that may be unsure and think that The Majestic is a ‘Gay Bar’ …… WRONG!  The Majestic is a place for anyone who wants to be entertained … free of charge, with spectacular shows.  The drinks are not overpriced and there is no door entry fee.

Have you already been? Let us know what you liked best about your visit and why not send us a couple of photos that we can show?

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