Weekend Charity Event

I have just heard about a Weekend Charity Event that is being organised to raise money for Cancer Research and thought I would share it with you.  I first spotted it on Tenerife Forum and got in touch to find out more about it.

Cat GoodwinThe lady that is organising it is Catherine Goodwin who owns the bar Next Door at Malibu Park in San Eugenio Alto. Catherine, or Cat, as she is often known, lost her husband Alan to Bladder Cancer in 2007 and feels that the time is now right to do something to raise money for this very worthwhile cause.

Although in the early stages of planning at the moment this fantastic event will be taking place from 30th October to the 01st November – yes, that’s right, Halloween Weekend!

On the Friday & Saturday there will be some sports events taking place and Cat has thrown out a challenge to all the bars, sports groups and anyone else here in Tenerife to bring your group/team along to the bar Next Door to take part in this tournament. Are you a member of a Table football, Pool, 5 a side, Table Tennis, Darts, Air Hockey team?

Why not pay 10€ to enter your team into as many events as you can handle and see who can win the most events, have the most fun or just have a laugh whilst raising loads of money for this great cause?

Entries can be submitted at the bar Next Door at Malibu Park, quick be one of the first to register to ensure your place!

On Saturday night there will be a Party Night at Next Door with fun & games for the whole family. Kid’s stuff early doors and adults games later … listen to this – all the machines on The Terrace will be on ‘free play’ so the kids can be amused while the adults play.

Cat - Next DoorNow then, I know it is difficult for a lot of businesses at the moment however is anyone in a position to donate any prizes for this event? You know the type of things, a meal for 2 in your bar/restaurant, 3 games of bowling, bottle of wine with a meal, small screen TV, boat trip, attraction tickets, etc.

Cat already has a few prizes lined up – thanks to Premier Rentals for the first offer of a DVD player. There will be advertising for any prize sponsors around the hotel from now until the 01st November.

On 01st November they are hoping to hold a Car Boot Sale from 9am – 1pm. This will be a great chance to have a clear out & raise a few bob (should that be Euros, nah, it doesn’t sound right!) for yourself or donate it all or part of it to Cancer Research. Incidentally Cat says that if there are any serious car booters that want to have a car boot at Malibu on a regular basis to let her know at the bar Next Door & she will hire the tennis courts for it.

Cat would like to have entertainment on all day from Noon – Midnight so if there are any entertainers out there willing to come down and sing a few songs for a worthwhile cause then please get in touch with the bar Next Door (thanks to those who have offered help already).

There is also room for people to provide things like tarot readings, fortune telling, nail care, eyelash tinting, waxing – basically anything that can be done in public? Are you willing to offer your services and only keep the cost of your materials only with the balance of any charges made going to the charity? Cat and the Charity need you!

Two of the bar Next Door customers have already volunteered to be waxed and another one is having his head shaven – they need your sponsorship. Do you want to do something outrageous & get sponsored? Let Cat know as soon as possible so that they can gain the maximum amount of publicity!

I have not met Cat yet, but hope to do so soon and look forward to hearing from her over the next few weeks as she keeps me updated in the run up to this event.

Remember, it’s a Weekend Charity Event to raise money for Cancer Research, taking place at the Bar Next Door, Malibu Park between the 30th October and the 01st November – please go along and help raise money for Cancer Research.

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