Welcome Back!

Where does the time go?

Well this weekend has seen us giving our website a bit of a dust down and a Spring Clean (alright we know its not Spring, but you know what we mean!).  We haven’t been spending enough time on our own site and so we decided it was time to put some hours aside and give it all a shake.

The site will still be a combination of Personal Stuff (about our family life here in Tenerife), some Business Stuff (details of the Hosting Service we can provide, information about Properties for Sale or Rent, and things of that nature) and lots of general information on Events and Happenings around the Canary Islands.

We will have some new photos in our Galleries.  This will be Cathy’s new baby and she will be choosing some interesting ones to include in each of the four albums (Animals, People, Places and Events).

There will also be the very important Links Pages to share with you some of the other great websites relating to the Canary Islands or the People that live and work here.

We hope you will enjoy what you find and let us know if there are any items that you would like us to include or exclude!


Stephen, Cathy and Elinor xxx

(and of course all the animals!)

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