Well, it’s Wednesday Again!

What is significant about that?  Well nothing really, except that its just a reminder of how quickly the weeks are flying by.  Someone on Facebook just mentioned that it is only 71 days to Christmas, now there’s a thought to cheer you up in the morning!


What does Christmas mean to you?  Since we moved to Tenerife, I think it has meant more to us than before.  There is not the same ‘commercialism’ here that there was in the UK (although I can see it creeping in as more ex-pats arrive).

It might be a bit early to talk too much about Christmas yet, but then again, if anyone is planning to visit Tenerife over the Festive Period then they might like to know that the ‘Spanish Christmas’ is actually celebrated on the 6th January, and this is the time when most presents are exchanged. DSC05881El Día de Los Reyes Magos or Three King’s Day celebrates the last day of Epiphany and there are numerous parades, including camels that take place all over the Island.  We have watched the Los Cristianos event since we arrived on the island in 2003 and it is still worth going to see.DSC05872

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In the meantime, don’t forget your tickets for El Gordo … the most famous lottery draw in the World, drawn on 22 December 2009 with 2.320.5 million euros (3.270 M $) in prizes!

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