Who should re-home a Rescue Animal?

Like many of you, I am a member of many on line Forums (Fora?), some I actively participate in and others I just read.  I was doing that earlier this week when I spotted a post from a lady asking for help and advice because her cat was ill.

As an animal lover myself, I took the time to read the initial post and all the comments on there.  By the time I had finished reading I was very angry at one particular poster, clearly posting without knowing all the facts surrounding this cry for help.

rescue It got me thinking, who should be allowed to re-home a rescue cat or dog?  Most of us know that taking on any animal is a huge responsibility and should not be taken lightly, they will be with you for many years.

There is a huge problem with unwanted and abandoned animals here in Tenerife (and, I know elsewhere!) and there are a lot of people that can give them a decent and loving home, feeding and caring from them.

Vet CareHowever we don’t all know what is around the corner and circumstances can change, someone may be put into a position, through no fault of their own where they can not afford, for example, Vets Bills in the event of their animal becoming ill or having an accident.  Does that make them a bad owner?  I think not!

If there is someone that on a day to day basis have enough funds to feed and house and give the animal a loving home should they be allowed to give that abandoned animal a chance to a normal life?

Should all of those animals housed in the many rescue centres only be re-homed to people that can prove they have a ‘guaranteed’ income or should we sometimes take a risk and also allow people that can afford to look after the animals for 99% of the time?

Yes, I know there are things like Insurances to cover Vets fees, but again maybe people can not afford those either – they are not cheap.

I don’t have any answers, I wish I did, but it would be nice for some people NOT to ‘tar everyone with the same brush’.

What do you think?  Let me know by commenting on this post, please.

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