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Stephen - The Beach in Tenerife ProfileHello and welcome to The Beach in Tenerife!

If you are reading this page, the likelihood is that you have arrived from my Twitter Profile – thank you for taking an interest in my on-line scribbles.

My name is Stephen and I moved from the UK to Tenerife with my family back in 2003 after a series of happenings caused us to sit down and reassess our lives there.

Since then we certainly have had our ups and downs however have no regrets at the move and complete upheaval that we made back then!

Life in Tenerife is, how can I say this, ‘varied and interesting’ and my website, The Beach in Tenerife is being developed not just as a personal family website, but hopefully to give people an insight into living and working on or just visiting an fantastic Island in the Canaries.

Notwithstanding the above, we have now decided to relocate (again) and in April 2014 we will move back to the UK, to Scotland, in fact, for the next chapter of our life adventures!

I hope you enjoy the posts that you can read, please feel free to make comments and to sign up to the RSS Feed so that you can receive new posts as they are published.

Click here if you are not already following me on Twitter and remember to take a look through my website, The Beach in Tenerife and let me know what you think of it!

Thanks again


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